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Friday, June 28, 2013

Vinyl Lettering Craft Tips & Tricks: Embellishing Vinyl Craft Projects

How to Apply Acrylic Rhinestones to Vinyl Craft Projects
This ultra-easy trick is a great way to add dimension to vinyl crafts and even store-bought seasonal decorations. Here is what you’ll need:
  1. Acrylic Rhinestones (7mm “standard” size or shapes 6 to 9mm)
  2. Mini GlueDots
Simply unroll a section of glue dots, which come with one side stuck to a backing and one sticky side face-up, and place the flat back of the rhinestone centered over the glue dot. You should now have the rhinestone stuck to the glue dot which is still stuck to the backing paper.
Gently peel the rhinestone and glue dot from the backing paper and place it on your project, pressing firmly to set it in place. Repeat with additional rhinestones, buttons, and small flower embellishments. 

Glittered Polka Dots:
Place plain glue dots all over your completed project and press ultrafine glitter into the exposed sticky surface. Dust off excess glitter using a soft bristled brush.